About The Sow's Ear


Part of Cambria's Rich History


In 1986, the Sow's Ear Cafe opened it's doors here in Cambria for the first time.


Chef Salvador and Chef Tony, who have been cooking gourmet meals at the Sow's Ear for over 20 years, purchased the restaurant in 2011. Keeping the menus and recipes that customer's have known and loved for decades is the top priorities to these two Chefs. The menu has not changed in all these years, and our delicious food will always be just the way you remember!



The Name


The Sow's Ear Café derived it's name from an ancient Gaelic proverb that says: "You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear". The original creator of the restaurant, with this proverb in mind, felt that she had in fact done such a thing. The Sow's Ear offers a comfortable and unrefined atmosphere to dine in, and our accepted dress style is always casual, yet every diner can expect refined cuisine.